Why I LOVE what I do?

I've always wanted to help people in someway... When I was younger I've often thought of becoming a counselor, a psychiatrist or a Korean pop star. LOL!  But I guess God had other plans for me to still help in a very special way to very special women on their very special day.  I love being able to talk to my brides and bridal party about where they came from, how the couple met each other and try to see what style/look the bride wants to achieve through her personality.  The other part of loving my job is the immediate gratification that comes with styling their hair and make up.  I love being able to make the bride look and feel their best by accentuating their features with out over powering them with heavy make up.  I'm immensely blessed to be a port of someone's memorable day and treat them as if it's my very own sister or best friend getting married.  I like to create a friendly, fun, relaxed environment to keep the bride from being too nervous.  I hope I can help you make your special day one of those times you look back and smile upon because of the good times we had not only making you absolutely beautiful, but because it was genuine and heartfelt.  I look forward to hearing from you! xoxo


P.S.  I will try to update the portfolio as much as I can so you can see the more recent styles I've done!! THANK YOU AGAIN for visiting my page! I look forward to hearing from you!  MUAH~! xoxoxo~!